The Fisher Pivot Spring is designed to make fencing for grazing management, under a centre pivot or lateral move irrigator a simple task. The Fisher Pivot Spring allows the irrigator to move through the fence line whilst still maintaining stock control.

In most cases you will require two (2) Fisher Pivot Springs per gateway. When the irrigator wheel passes through the gateway, it pushes the Fisher Pivot Spring open and as soon as the wheel has passed, the Fisher Pivot Spring automatically returns to the centre and the gate is closed. There is no pressure placed on the gate posts.

What you require for a single gateway: Purchase two Fisher Pivot Springs which come complete with insulation tube to go through the gate post, additionally you will require a12mm wood bit to drill through the post, four (4) wood post pinlock insulators (two per pivot spring), staples or screws for fixing insulators to the post and an electric fence joint clamp and cable to connect tail of Fisher Fencing Spring to electric fence wire in fence.


  • Fast and Easy to install
  • Cost effective
  • Electrified for Optimum Stock Control
  • Maximises Pasture Productivity
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • No Fence Wires to catch onto Irrigator
  • Potentially allows you to use existing fences when installing an irrigator
GNR730950Pivot Fencing Spring - Pack lots of 20